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Perfume is where fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds are combined with fixatives and solvents give the human body a pleasant scent. Angel perfume is a type of perfume.

Ancient texts and archaeological excavations show that perfumes - like Angel perfume - were used in some of the earliest human civilisations. Modern perfume began to be created in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of compounds such as vanillin and coumarin. These compounds, which can be used in Angel perfume, allow for the composition of new angel perfumes with odours that were previously unattainable from natural aromatics alone. The formula of Angel perfume is a closely guarded secret.

Nonetheless, angel perfume connoisseurs are extremely skilled at identifying components and of scents - in a similar manner to wine experts. The way to describe Angel perfume is to identify the "family" it belongs to, then break it down into the elements of the fragrance. The trail of scent left behind by a person wearing Angel perfume is called its "sillage". Sillage is the French word for "wake", like the trail left by a boat travelling over water.

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